Monday, 17 October 2011

Don't under-estimate the Amazing Ankles

There are just over 200 bones in the body, with 26 in the hands and feet. This means that over 25% of the skeletal structure is given over to the feet. For every bone in the foot, there is a ligament to connect it to at least one other bone, sometimes more and it’s this complex relationship between the foot and the leg that gives us the ability to create huge stability through the structure.

As a Bowen Therapist, Paul Black explains that when working with clients with a need to address leg length issues, knee ligament problems, groin strain, pelvic misalignment and even lower back pain, then the ankle is one key area which would contribute greatly to the effectiveness of the work and might even make the difference in terms of outcomes.

The strong deep fascial band (plantar fascia) running the length of the underside of the foot, creates a strong pull which continues around the heel bone and up into the Calves (gastrocnemius and soleus group), which in turn attach to the leg bone (femur) above the knee.  Hence the ankle work contributes to hamstring flexibility and lower back stability.

The push or jar on the foot creates an opening for the whole of the back of the leg;
·         It’s the first thing that hits the floor after a treatment
  • It has to flex and bend in order to carry us forward
  • It takes our entire body weight through it’s complex structure
When treating Clients suffering back pain, pelvic imbalance or tight hamstrings, the ankles are a key place to start.   A Bowen treatment could well put a spring back in your step! 

The Bowen Technique is fast becoming one of the most popular complementary therapies in the UK.  Most busy Bowen therapists will tell you that the average number of treatments required by Clients will be between two and four, making it a very cost effective treatment.

If you would like to know more or book a treatment contact Paul Black on Portishead 01275 339422 or visit the European College of Bowen Studies web site at

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